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When you need to communicate key messages to your audience, there’s nothing more effective than a full-color, custom brochure. Business brochures allow you to share detailed information about your products and services in a uniquely presentable way. Bring us your project, and we’ll work tirelessly to craft the perfect brochure for your organization. 

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Brochures - Full Color
Brochures - Full Color

Brochures - Full Color

Brochures - Full Color

We proudly serve local and regional clients who are looking for professionally designed, custom brochures. Our digital printing experts specialize in:

  • Bifold brochures
  • Trifold brochures
  • Quad-fold brochures
  • Gatefold brochures
  • V-fold brochures
  • Accordion brochures

Quantity Price Subtotal
1 $2.00 $2.00
25 $1.30 $32.50
50 $1.30 $65.00
100 $1.25 $125.00
250 $1.08 $270.00
500 $1.00 $500.00
1,000 $1.00 $1,000.00
2,500 $0.638 $1,595.00
5,000 $0.406 $2,030.00
@ $2.00 ea.
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  • Craig Dellinger, New Haven Printing
    Craig Dellinger, New Haven Printing

    We promote our site as an easy way for our customers to transfer files, place orders and request quotes. Our ability to handle large files is a huge selling point. It really gives us a high-tech advantage over the competition.

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